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Our research gets a catchy title : Thoroughbred Assisted

One of the core principles of our quest to gather knowledge and help build a robust evidence base to support the role of Thoroughbreds in next careers in Equine Assisted Services is to share that knowledge. It really is a collaborative process to acquire data and better understand what Equine Assisted Services involve and where Thoroughbreds are already active so it is paramount to ensure that we make the information as broadly available as possible. Robust research is not something you can build in a day but we are fortunate to work with University of Bristol Vet School and will be reviewing and drawing down information as we go along. There is also a liaison role for Racing To Relate to be able to reach out to those who are active in this field to learn, to exchange and share experiences as the scientists gather the data.

We thought our R&D ought to have a catchy title.

We wish to support Thoroughbreds 'assisting' people, and our voyage of discovery would determine what exactly they might be involved in assisting 'Thoroughbred Assisted' was a very good fit.

What is 'Thoroughbred Assisted' ?

Essentially it is the name of our Research & Development journey, the foundation of which starts with the horse and which is growing with us and those we meet on this journey. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate or join us as we build a body of collective intelligence in this sphere.


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