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Survey is now online !

*Please note the survey phase is now complete. Thank you all so much for participating your help is vital to building a picture of EAS and horses involved.

Dear Participant,

As part of a 3-year project on the Selection, Welfare and Training of Horses for Equine Assisted Therapy we are surveying people involved in this field about their experiences and practices on this topic. We are aiming to build up a comprehensive understanding of practices in a range of countries in order to identify the most successful elements and promote equine and human welfare. Give

n your involvement in Equine Assisted Therapy, we would be very grateful for your insights and invite you to participate in this survey. The survey is open to ALL EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY PROGRAMMES regardless of presence or not of Thoroughbreds and will place special emphasis on the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on Equine Assisted Therapy programmes and what measures will help facilitate resuming Equine Assisted Therapy programmes post pandemic.

The online survey takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and your participation in the study can be anonymous.

This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Faculty of Health Science Research Ethics Committee.

You will find more information on the first page of the survey regarding what your participation will involve.

If you require additional information to assist you in reaching a decision about participation, please do not hesitate to contact me at You may also contact my supervisor, Dr Mathilde Valenchon, at For further information about the whole project, please feel free to contact Jennifer Barker from Racing To Relate

Thanks for your consideration of this request, we would very much appreciate your participation in the study. Please feel free to forward this invitation to other people or organisations you know working in this field who might wish to be included in the survey.


Claire Neveux, PhD student, Bristol Vet School


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